Zonitise Laundry

Infusing laundry with antimicrobial powers to protect against germs and bacteria known to cause odours and fabric degradation.

The Products

Zonitise Antimicrobial Laundry Additive


Detergent cleans. Zonitise Protects. Infuse your laundry with antimicrobial powers!

Protect your washing with Zonitise Laundry Additive, powered by a unique antimicrobial fabric technology.

When you use this revolutionary technology, you reduce the risk of bringing unwanted germs home on clothing and have constant antimicrobial protection that eliminates bacteria known to cause odours and fabric degradation. This keeps your washing smelling fresher for longer.

  • Protects up to 10 washes
  • Long-lasting protection against germs & odours between washes
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-bleaching
  • Perfume and dye-free
  • Zonitise Laundry Additive is safe for all machine-washable fabrics in all temperatures
  • It works with your favourite detergent to protect your laundry

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